I spent the spring semester of 2010 studying in New Zealand through the ISEP program. I used this blog to keep an account of my school experience and as a record of the adventures I found. Hopefully it can serve two purposes: to have kept my friends and family informed of my travels and experiences; as well as to serve as a reminder of how important the study abroad experience is, whether it's in New Zealand or not.

27 March 2010

First Installment of Sunset Recording

So, occasionally I'm sitting at my desk and I get distracted by what's happening outside my window. And of course by occasionally, I mean every time something moves. While Palmy is quite a cloudy place much of the time, these occasional distractions sometimes reward me with a thrilling sunset scene. So I've decided to record basically the same picture over time. I'll be putting it up in installments (if I remember) and one big blog when I get back home or just before I leave here, whatever I feel like, cause hey, it's my blog after all.

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